13 ways to earn money online in India in 2021

13 ways to earn money online in India in 2021

People used to search for some passive incomes or ways to earn money online in India to live a healthy life. Today you must be finding contents, videos online about money making online business ideas that are trending.

So, you must be interested to have a good or lucrative amount of earning through these mediums. But you have a lack of information about doing these things.

Therefore, you must be thinking about starting any part-time online business, or any online work after going through many blogs, youtube videos, and also watching the success stories of some people. You spend a lot of time searching for many of the ways to earn money online in India with your laptop or smartphone and Internet connectivity. But You stuck to find the most profitable work and some also become impatient and leave that online work.

Here are some ways to earn money online in India to start which you can start immediately and can enhance your income. Here you can also find some live examples of some people who are making money online by just working at home.

As every people has some interest, skills and expertise, choose which one will be suitable for you for a better future. 

Remember, don’t think that you will get success overnight rather improve your skill and concentrate more.

So, be serious and try to become a successful entrepreneur this year, 

So read this article till the end, and write down your views.

Let’s check some Most Profitable Online Businesses

1. Blogging

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Training

4. Selling Digital Products

5. Freelancing

6. App Developing

7. DropShipping

8. Consulting

9. Amazon FBA

10. Digital Influencer

11. Start an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Business

12. Podcasting

13. Website Flipping

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most successful ways to earn money online in India.

If you like writing and you also have an interest in a specific topic or niche, you can start blogging. In blogging you can excel yourself with your valuable ideas and attract your readers. 

You need to post high-quality content consistently to keep your audience engaged in your website can help you to earn money online in a huge amount. 

Blogging earning is accompanied by various other ways and these can definitely increase your income also.

Here are some of them – 

  • Advertising (Displaying Ads) 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Products (Promoting Products)
  • Publishing paid Guest posts
  • Selling Digital Products like – Ebooks, Cheatsheet, and many more.

Start your blog-   First start a blog in the niche you have an interest.

Though some specific niches are profitable, you should start with the niche you can handle and make it popular.

Investment Required: For starting you need some investment in hosting. It is always advisable to avoid cheap hosting, as they lack of support and uptime.

Earning Possibility: Earning in Blogging is really huge and blogging can fetch you up to 6 figures. You can take the example of Syed Balkhi (Founder Of WPBeginner), who is getting eight figures a year from his one blog.

Wondering how to start? Then I have a piece of good news for you, I’ve created a blog post around how to start a blog which helps you to start your blog from today.

Remember if you want to earn from your blog, make your contents InformativePublish Regularly, and also try to grab Audiences’ Attention

2. Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing you sell other people’s products by recommending them to your audience with an affiliate link. You earn a commission from the product vendor when somebody buys a product. This is one of the successful ways to earn money online in India.

The commission can be between 5% – 50% and it usually depends on the type of products you are selling to your audience. 

You can become an affiliate marketer for more than one affiliate program for different products. (This mainly works in Amazon Affiliate and In Some In-house Affiliates)

You can also get additional incentives from many companies on fulfilling a particular target. It can be a good opportunity for extra earning.

Here are some more facts about Affiliate Marketing, you should know before going to start affiliate marketing: 

  • More Than 80% of Popular Brands offer Affiliate Programs
  • Above 70% of people prefer to Buy Products Through Social Media Reference
  • Out of all Digital Media Revenue, 15% is Affiliate Marketing
  • More than 80% of Brands depend on Affiliate Programs 
  • Fashion Products rely more on Affiliate as these are more popular

Start your affiliate marketing with just a small investment. For this, you need a blog, which you can learn from how to start a blog?

Earning Possibility: Affiliate marketing can bring you more than $53,000 in a month if you present your blog properly.

You can take the example of Pat Flynn, the number one affiliate marketer. He had started his affiliate marketing Career in 2008 after laying off from his job. And today he is earning more than $166,559 monthly through Affiliate Marketing.

Moreover, Who has not heard the name of Jeremy Schoemaker?

John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker are some top affiliate marketers who earn awesome money from affiliate marketing. 

So, how will you start Your Affiliate Marketing Career?

Affiliate marketing is not so difficult. Only thing you need to have patience. There are so many popular brands like Amazon, and many more companies let you to affiliate their products. They offer a commission on every sale that you refer to.

Here are some steps you can follow to start your Affiliate Marketing:

1.First, you are required to find out the companies and products related to your blog which you will promote.

2. After getting information about the company, Sign up for their affiliate program.

3. One your account gets approved; you will get the code and text links for the affiliate products and you can post them on your blog’s contents.

4. You can promote them through your contents by writing their product reviews, displaying their banner ads, etc. 

5. If the users make a purchase or click on the product at your site, these will be tracked and the data will be sent to the merchant website with your code. So, you will earn a commission.

In your articles, you also need to show the actual pros and cons of the mentioned site. So, people will rely on your site and your sales will increase gradually.

3. Training

Everybody has some skill in specific things. So, don’t hesitate to spread them. You can make eLearning platforms from your own experience and try to spread them.

People learn from other’s experiences as these can forbid them from making mistakes. Thus, they can earn money online in India quickly without doing the mistakes done by others. 

Many people do not want to try or experiment with some new thing, rather they would like to purchase a course which reduces their difficulties in achieving success.

There are different modes to earn through training, for example, giving one to one mentorshipconducting online training sessions for a limited number of students.

Besides these, you can also sell your courses and many more.

Your courses should be of demanding topics like Digital MarketingBloggingAffiliate Marketing and you should also market them.

So, if you have better knowledge and skills, then you can attract more viewers and start earning. 

Thus, try to pick the topics for giving training in which you are proficient,

How Will you Start An Online Training Business?

Field of Interest: Find the area of your interest in which you can train others. For example, a particular subject, fitness, etc.

Target Your viewers: Once you chose your topic, prepare it to attract viewers, and more.

Content Is vital: As content is a most vital part, try to make it informative, specialized, and first class by adding some images, fascinating realities, contextual investigations, and live examples. 

Marketing: Marketing is essential to to raise a business, and Social Media Marketing, Live WebinarDirect Promotion Through Paid Ads, and many more you can also do to market your course.

Grow Your Business Like a Professional: Work hard to grow your business and also increase your earning potential by growing your partners and teams.

4. Selling Digital Products

ways to earn money online

You can also try Selling Digital Products as it is another best gainful online business. 

The Internet has made it quite easy to make an online store and sell any item digitally. 

Nowadays Selling of eBooksSoftwareInformative Products, MusicRecorded Webinars and many more are carried out which are downloadable.

Try Selling Digital Products as it is the easiest and quickest way of earning money. You can sell the digital products, in an eCommerce store, or you may create your own website. 

Websites such as Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce are some well-established websites where you can sell your digital products and start earning. 

But, making a website and selling digital products by increasing traffic cannot be overnight work. Therefore, you should keep patience and work hard to establish your own brand of digital products.

Necessity of Investment: Investment of time, money and effort are necessary for starting online business.

Give enough time for research and writing content.

If you want to start through Shopify or any other online platform, invest in creating a complete eCommerce solution. 

Selling of digital products can give you high-profit margins with no shipping and storage costs. So, you don’t need to spend more.

Earning Probability:  One-time investment can fetch you unlimited earning. For this, you have to publish your content once, and its selling continues throughout the year.

Categories of Digital Products to Sell:

  • eBooks/ePublications: Share information and your experience through digital books. By selling ebooks or ePublications, you can earn royalty on every sale of the book. You can sell PDF GuidesWorkbooksScriptsCase Studies etc. as eBooks.
  • Online Courses: Today selling online courses through a digital platform is growing rapidly. You can do this work at various platforms like TeachablePodia, etc.
  • SaaS Products: It includes selling software products, which has huge demand in the future as well due to the requirement of automation services. It includes Apps, website themes, coding, etc. 

How will you proceed in selling Digital Products on Your Online Store?

For starting your own

For starting an online store, you require a good relevant domain name with a good hosting provider.

Initially, if you are searching a good hosting then, you can try Hostinger Woocomerce hosting.

Most users like WordPress due to its flexibility and less set up necessities. 

So, after setting up your WordPress platform, you can simply arrange a set-up and start selling digital products.

5. Freelancing

Today “freelancing” word is quite known and you can do freelancing in which you are an expert. It is also one of the ways to earn money online in India from home.

You can pick freelancing of Video Editing, Photography, App Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, writing and also Designing to assist people to raise their business.

By freelancing you can excel your skills and grow a stable business.  

UpworkFiverr,  Toptal, Freelancer, etc are some freelancing websites which give you chances to join and work as freelancers. 

As per your skills, employers pay you for the services you provide. 

Also, Freelancers suggests ideas and proposals and you have to pay for this.

How to Start Freelancing Business?

Select a Niche: Always try to select a freelancing work that will make more money,

And you need to pick the niche as per your proficient skills. Because, you can do this work comfortably and increase your earnings.

Therefore, sign up for the freelancing platforms, such as, Toptal, Fiverr, Freelancers and Upwork etc. These are some of the top freelancing websites where you can create your freelancing account and get paid for your work.

Make a Good Portfolio: You can get chances for freelancing work by showing your skills in an amazing portfolio and reviews. 

In your portfolio, don’t forget to mention your past work experience, skills and contact number. Thus, buyers can reach and hire you easily.

Decide your Price: Demand for charges is another important thing to get hired. 

Always mention the best rate for the services you will bid to the client and try to get the best deal for your service. 

If you have better skills and expertise, you may get higher rates for quality services.

Market Yourself: Irrespective of your work as a freelancer or something else, Marketing is the major thing to form a network and grow your client base. 

For this, you should highlight the reactions and reviews of your clients in your portfolio. So, you will be able to increase your network and also earnings. 

Additionally, in the beginning, you need to offer some free special services and take the possible deals. 

Thus, within some time you can have a expertise in freelancing work, and can do a good business.

6. App Developing

14 ways to earn money online in 2020

Today, the building of App is one of the trendy money-making online business ideas in which people are making a lot of money. 

People are also liking to run their business from apps as every household has mobile devices.

Irrespective of their business they are operating, people are using different apps every day in their Mobile Devices.

So, if you have some knowledge of developing an app and know how to code, you can earn a lot by adding it to the Google Play Store or by selling it to others.

Besides app developing business, you can work with different software developing companies as they are searching for people with these skills.

The demand for app developers is rising in the market at good rates. 

Investment: You require a LaptopInternet Connection, and Skills of coding to start app development. 

After learning basic coding and programming languages like SQL, Javascript, Python, etc. you can move to some advanced languages and grow your app developing business.

Its main advantage is that it does not require any storage or shipping cost but you a good profit margin. 

Earning Probability: You can earn above $1000 per month from a truly engaging app.

Besides selling in Google Android or Apple iPhone you can improve your income in other ways also – 

1. Ad Revenue: From Ad revenue, you can earn when it receives every click on it. Google AdSense and AdMob track the clicks and start showing relevant ads on your App. 

So, when any user clicks on the ad, you earn revenue from each click. Your earning increases when your app becomes more popular and you get more clicks. 

2. In-App Purchases: You can make your app with the buying option. 

For example, start posting valuable and engaging contents to users free, and once they become regular users, you can sell better and premium features at some charges. 

3. Subscription: After reading your content regularly, people become addicted and they would buy the app subscription plans. For example, Hotstar and Netflix offer monthly and yearly subscription plans. 

Similarly, you can ask your users a monthly or yearly fee.

7. DropShipping

14 ways to earn money online in India in 2020

DropShipping is one of the easiest ways to earn money online in India in which you work as an intermediary to sell other’s products. 

In DropShipping you have to sell products to the customers, and the supplier maintains stores, packs, and sends the product on your behalf.

So, whenever you get an order, you have to inform your supplier, and then he will directly send the product to the customer.

After the sale deal gets cracked, you get the itemized commission on every sale.

In this business, you do not require to maintain and manage the inventory in the storehouse personally and also need very less investment to start this profitable online business. 

Google’s Trend shows that the Dropshipping trend is growing rapidly because of its high-income potential in the future. 

Investment: You require a store to display and obtain orders from the client. The advantage of the dropshipping business is that you can grow your business significantly with as much as the suppliers you want.

Earning Potential: You earn 10%-50% margin from Dropshipping as per the product you are going to sell in the market.  For example, if you sell big tickets, you will be able to earn 6-7 figures of income per month.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business?

Make your DropShipping Store: You need to set-up your dropshipping website as there are several readymade E-commerce sites are available to buy. For example, Shopify, and these are available at very reasonable prices. 

Select the Profitable Dropshipping Product to Sell: As your products are going to make you rich, find fashionable, high margin, and higher price tag products for your dropshipping business. 

Simultaneously, do some research about your competitor’s product and the products with low competition but high in demand. 

These researches can be helpful for you to sustain in the future and earn good revenue. 

Find Product Suppliers: Ask the suppliers for the catalogs with the best margin quotes for selling products. 

You must check their policies about how fast they ship the orders, their style of packing, the quality of products and services, etc. As a result, you can choose the best supplier. 

Amazon is considered as one of the biggest and reliable resources to recognize potential suppliers and manufacturers. 

Track and Get the Target Customers: Now, you have to build the customer base.

Target the customers who require your products. You can apply various marketing strategies to attract customers through a Facebook Ads CampaignEmail Marketing etc.  

The best way to start a Dropshipping business is to start from the Amazon and eBay (They allow you to dropship from the valid suppliers only)

8. SEO Business

Today, SEO is the major money-making online business and it will also be in demand in the future.  It is one of the major ways to earn money online in India.

This business is most important for those who are running their business through websites. 

Besides this Publications, Small Businesses, E-commerce, etc. require SEO services now.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps your website to rank on Google.

Without ranking in search engines, a website or business fails to reach viewers and cannot generate revenue.

Thus, it is clear that a high ranked website means it has more trafficmore clicks, and also more revenue

One cannot imagine, how much he can earn as an SEO expert. Today, people search for SEO experts to promote their website.

So, now you must be knowing its value.

Requirements of Investment: SEO experts need high skills and some paid tools like SEMrushAhrefs, to do most of the SEO part.

Earning Possibility: You can earn a good amount with SEO business, and it has been seen in many peoples’ case.

How to Start an SEO Business?

One can start his SEO business with the help of some paid tools. Additionally, if you want to hire some experts with you then US Based experts are good.

Then you will have to invest an average of $100-$180 per hour.

But, how will you search the client who is in need of SEO Expert? Here are some ways to generate leads and find new clients –

Free Site Audit: As you are going to start an SEO business, give your visitors an option to do a free site audit of their website. 

Analyse their traffic, duplicate content issuestargeted keywordsover-optimization of keywords etc.

These things can easily fix the problems and improve the rank of the website on Google.

This is the actual method Convertica using to bring lots of leads for their business.

Offer Free Trials: You can build clients’ trust by giving a free trial with a little bit value addition. 

If they get satisfied with your offer, they will need more packaged paid services from you.

In this way, you can generate leads for your business.

SEMrush, the top SEO tool is doing the same thing by offering  Categories Blog

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