How To Save on Hosting Renewal Bills?

Web hosting is one of the necessary investments that bloggers has to make every month to run their self-hosted WordPress blog. Generally, for a cheap hosting for WordPress you have to invest between $3/month to $15/month, as per your requirements. The cost shatters when you move to managed wordpress hosting, VPS or a dedicated hosting server. Though, some users may not give stress to save on hosting renewal bills, it is not good to waste hard-earned penny.

When a new blogger tries to start a self-hosted blog, mostly he does not have enough idea of the costs required in web hosting. Thus he may buy web hosting at an high cost and without a discount.

Also, if you succeed to get a discounted hosting, the cost of hosting renewal is extremely high at the time of renew.

In this post, you will get important tips to save money on your web hosting renewal. You can work according to these techniques from day one of your first hosting purchase.

Others may also use when their hosting time is going to expire, and they need to pay for the renewal.

Tips To Save on Hosting Renewal Bills:

Many of you are looking for first purchase of hosting service, and others are searching a renewal of your current hosting account. Here, you can find out numerous methods which will be right for setup and will help you to save on hosting renewal bills: whether you are just starting or renewing your plan.

Purchasing of new hosting:

If you are going to buy a hosting package for your blog, you should know these tips to save on hosting renewal bills for the long-term. Generally, when you buy hosting from any of the hosting companies, you will easily discover discount coupons. Different affiliate marketers share dedicated section sharing discounts on popular hosting companies here.

The first mistake that most of the beginners do is that they purchase hosting for one year only, and then the next year they have to pay in full for their hosting renewal.

And you rarely get any discount coupon for hosting renewals, so choosing to buy service for more than one year during your original purchase will save you money in the long run.

So when you purchase hosting at first, you have the choice to buy hosting for over one year.

Additionally, it is better to buy your hosting from a reliable company, and buy a package for two or three years.  For example, if you purchase hosting from Bluehost for three years at the cost of $3.95/month, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Please check a calculation for Bluehost hosting here:

  • If you purchase for one year with the discounted link and pay total for next two years of renewal: $4.95 * 12 + $166.8 = $226.2
  • But, if you buy hosting for three years from Bluehost with the discounted link, you will pay- $3.95 * 36 = $142.2

In this way, you can save straight $84, which is significant when you buy 2-3 hosting packages for multiple websites.

Now have a look at SiteGround hosting, specifically, their “GrowBig plan“. SiteGround offers a maximum up to 70% off on first bill and again no concession on renewal.

  • Hosting purchased for one year with discount + two-year renewal is without any discount:  $95.4 + $358.8 = $454.2
  • Hosting purchased for three years with the discount: $286.2

Thus, you can save money by purchasing a web hosting for a longer-period with a better hosting discount. The cons of this approach is you caught with the same hosting for a long period. This technique is best for small niche websites.

Moving of hosting service to save money on web hosting:

You can use this technique every time when your renewal is due. By this technique you can save money on your hosting renewal bill. According to reviews, SiteGround and Bluehost offer nearly the same quality. So it doesn’t make much difference which hosting service you should choose.

When your hosting term is going to expire, you sign up for a hosting from an alternative hosting company. A great feature of this change is that some companies such as WPXHosting give free migration. So you don’t have to worry about tech hassles.

It is not so difficult to move a WordPress site, and you can use this guide to learn. 

Thus, you can be successful in saving around $20-$40 every year. Technically savvy people usually prefer this technique and don’t mind moving hosting companies. But. the former method is good for less technically oriented users.

Request your hosting company for a discount:

This practice will work with nearly every hosting company. Holding a customer is the greatest priority for any hosting company. When your hosting time is going to expire, you can request your hosting sales team for a concession on renewal.

You can just say:

“I’m getting a better discount on (name of another competing hosting service), and I want to save some money. I would have to spend $120 to renew the hosting. But if I change my website to the competing hosting, I will save $50. I hope, I could get a discount on renewal, as I want to stay with you. And simultaneously I would like to value my pain staking earning.”

This could conceivably work, depending on the policy of a hosting company. However, if you ask correctly, you may be successful in getting a fair discount. Else, you can pursue method # 2!

Though, most people overlook such small savings for the sake of their comfort level, always remember, “money saved is money earned.”

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Please note that, this post is for shared hosting only. But can be helpful for any other hosting plans such as managed WordPress hosting, VPS or dedicated.

 Save on Hosting Renewal Bills:

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