Liquid Web Review: Is This Hosting valuable? (2022)

Liquid Web hosting Review: Is This Hosting Valuable? (2022)

liquid web hosting review

Liquid Web is a business-class web hosting provider that caters to individuals and organisations that require more than shared hosting. In fact, Liquid Web does not offer any kind of shared hosting.

Liquid Web Review: Is This Hosting Valuable? (2022)

Liquid Web is one of many hosts that can assist you if you require dedicated server resources for a WooCommerce store, enterprise website, Learning Management System (LMS), or something else.

liquidweb hosting plans

But how good are they?

In this Liquid Web review, we use our extensive experience to evaluate the web hosting’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine whether it is worth your money.

Liquid Web Review: Is This Hosting Valuable? (2022)


Liquid Web is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses that are willing to pay for results. Liquid Web is one of the best hosting services available if you value output, reliability, and customer service. The guarantee that help is less than 60 seconds away is the clincher for less experienced users.

Liquid Web is a web hosting company based in the United States has over 45,000 customers in150 countries. From ten global data centres, they handle over 500,000 websites.

liquidweb hosting reviews

The company specialises in managed hosting, and the majority of its products are centred on that model. As a result, Liquid Web could be a viable option for small to medium-sized businesses and up that require significant server resources to host their websites, LMSs, and other assets.

While the company does not provide shared hosting, they have a famous company that does.

Liquid Web Review: Is This Hosting Valuable? (2022)

No shared web hosting

Liquid Web, as previously stated, is designed for higher-tier customers with more stringent requirements. Individuals or hobbyists are not permitted to use shared hosting plans.

As previously stated, Liquid Web is intended forrelatively high standard clients who have extra stringent requirements. Liquidweb does not offer shared hostings. So, individuals and general bloggers don’t use this.

Having said that, Liquid Web bought iThemes, aWordPress specialist that sells themes, plugins, and shared hosting on its own brand. People requiring shared hosting can go with iThemes, as it is popular in the WordPress community.

Many Liquid Web reviews complain about the absence of shared hosting, but few know that it is available through a sub-brand, iThemes.

Do you want to learn more about themes and reviews? Take a look at some of our WordPress reviews.

liquid web Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web gives high-performance servers in the United States and Europe. This service holds your web presence with dedicated server hardware that is not shared with any other users.

Servers that are dedicated

Servers include Intel Xeon processors to different cores, at least 16GB of RAM, SSD storage, 5TB of bandwidth, backup discs, RAID configurations, backup applications, security programmes, and cPanel.

These are not cheap, but they compare favourably to other web hosts that provide dedicated servers. Prices start at $169 per month for an Intel Xeon 1230v6 and go all the way up to $411.75 per month for an Intel Xeon Gold 6226R with 128GB of RAM and RAID 10.

These premium hosting servers charge more. The company focuses in the build quality and for this cost is more. So, to get good service you will not be disappointed with the price.

Examine the Dedicated Server Plans

In terms of power and efficiency, virtualisation is good. You can choose out of 8 types of VPS hosting plans which come between $15 to $129 per month..

liquid web VPS Hosting

Liquid Web, like dedicated servers, has chosen high – performing servers at premium prices. These servers have a minimum of two CPU cores, 40 GB of SSD storage, ten terabytes of bandwidth, and Linux operating systems.

This is increased to 16GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores, and 200 GB of SSD storage, but the bandwidth cap of 10 TB remains.

Site protection, premium business email, free backups, InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Admin are also included with VPS hosting plans.

More information on Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Liquid Web Review: Is This Hosting Valuable? (2022)

Liquid Web Managed WordPress hosting

Fully managed WordPress hosting is a very popular option for small businesses, so Liquid Web will have to work hard to keep up. It competes under the Nexcess brand.

Fully managed WordPress hosting, optimised servers, preinstalled copies of WordPress, free SSL, free site migrations, automatic upgrades, and access to the entire spectrum of WordPress plugins are all included.

You can get seven different managed WordPress hosting plans which ranges from $19 per month for a single site with 15 GB of storage to 2 TB of bandwidth to $999 per month for up to 250 sites with 800 GB of storage and 10 TB of bandwidth.

While a section of the page claims there are no traffic limits, each plan has bandwidth constraints. We weren’t able to use our 2TB bandwidth allotment during testing, so we’re not sure what’s up.

Have a look at Managed WordPress Hosting Plans.

liquid web Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting options are divided into two categories: regular cloud and specialised cloud. Both deliver excellent performance while remaining scalable, deployable, and manageable.

A primary node, load balancer, 960 GB SSD, and 10 TB of bandwidth costs $265 per month, while a primary node, 4 web nodes, load balancer, 1440 GB SSD, NFS replication, and 10 TB of bandwidth costs $1,105 per month.

The plans use CentOS 7 or CentOS 7 with cPanel.

Cloud dedicated servers are targeted for users who have higher performance requirements. Dedicated cloud servers are capable of running complete LMSs, SaaS apps, and other resource-intensive applications.

Plans are as given- $149 per month for an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 with 4 cores, 15GB of RAM, 452 GB SSD, and 5 TB of bandwidth and go up to $499 per month for an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 with 6 cores, 64 GB of RAM, 7.6 TB SSD, and 5 TB of bandwidth.

On demand, a custom option is also available.

All come with InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Pro and run on Windows or Linux.

Details on Cloud Web Hosting

liquid web Reseller Web hosting

Liquid Web also offers a well-established reseller hosting plan. With the company’s consent and support, you can resell services using a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud VPS solution.

Servers are available in the United States and Europe, and Liquid Web gives all of the assistance you’ll need to get started reselling their services.

Discounts are low at first, but they gradually increase as you sell more hosting. It won’t make you wealthy, but it could be the start of something extraordinary!

Other options for web hosting

Complementary services include cloud dedicated servers, VMware cloud servers, HIPAA-compliant hosting, server clusters, managed WooCommerce hosting, managed Magento hosting, and a variety of dedicated enterprise hosting solutions from Liquid Web.

Each is a variant of the plans discussed above in greater depth.

Highlights of Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web, in addition to being at the high end of the web hosting market, has certain unique advantages that consider it useful.

Hosting on Linux and Windows

Several of Liquid Web’s hosting tiers offer both Linux and Windows hosting. Although Linux is by far the most prevalent operating system, Windows servers are required to host applications such as Exchange, SharePoint,.Net, and others.

Both are included in many of the plans and are described in detail in the service boxes.

Options for the control panel

InterWorx, Plesk, and cPanel are some of the web host control panels are there. Each of these features is available on all hosting plans. Some plans may limit you to one or the other, but many others allow you to select your preferred control panel.

Plesk’s ease of use appeals to some, while cPanel’s no-nonsense approach appeals to others. Whatever your preference, your hosting plan should allow you to use it.

Locations of datacenters

Liquid Web is headquartered in the United States, but also operates a data centre in Amsterdam. This makes it a feasible option for European and American companies that want quick results in their operations.

It also allows you to optimise your presence in various markets, especially if you go with a cloud-based solution.


The majority of Liquid Web plans incorporate some form of security. Optional service addons for the plan or within your CMS are compatible with all plans. SSL, VPNs, virus scanning, firewalls, IP blacklists and whitelists, and other security measures are available.

If you’re using WordPress or Joomla, you may add an extra layer of security to the platform to give yourself a bit more safety. With plugins like iThemes Security Pro, you can go even further.

You can also take it a step further by using plugins such as iThemes Security Pro. It’s a WordPress plugin that you can use on any web host to make your website more secure.

With plugins like iThemes Security Pro, you can go even further. It’s a WordPress plugin that you can install on any web server to improve the security of your website.


The majority of Liquid Web plans provide free daily backups. This is a crucial feature that safeguards you in the event that the security measures fail. The majority of plans include some type of backup, while premium plans provide daily backups.

If you want to handle your own backups, plugins like as iThemes Backupbuddy give you all the tools you need to rapidly restore your website in the event of a disaster.

can also take it a step further by using plugins such as iThemes Security Pro. It’s a WordPress plugin that you can install on any web host to make your website more secure.


Liquid Web is one of the few web providers that guarantees 100% uptime on specific products. Most hosts will only ever offer 99 percent to protect themselves in the event of an emergency. Liquid Web takes it a step farther.

Even if it’s only 1%, that 1% matters a lot if you’re hosting high-availability apps or providing SaaS solutions to your own clients.

Customer service is important.

Liquid Web has always strived to set itself apart from the competitors in the area of customer service. All customers have access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They call it “heroic support,” and they claim that every customer support calls will be answered in less than a minute, and that all helpdesk tickets will be answered in 59 minutes.


If you prefer to do things on your own, Liquid Web provides a good documentation part on their website. It isn’t the most in-depth or user-friendly you’ll ever see, but it is extensive, and you should be able to discover most of what you need there.

Although categorization could be better, the search feature is quick and typically finds what you’re looking for.

Server performance

We don’t have the resources to fully test response time and server performance, but basic checks using web tools show that servers respond quickly. Other liquid web reviews have praised Liquid Web servers for their quick response time and performance.

Liquid Web Pricing

Liquid Web has established itself as a leading hosting company, and its prices are higher than those offered by other companies. But, you will surely get the service what you paid for.

Liquidweb Pricing

Liquid Web’s managed WordPress hosting starts at $19 per month. When you compare it to Green Geeks, which costs $10.95 a month, or SiteGround, which costs $8.99 (see our review), you can see the difference.

This may be seen across the product line.

You get more for your money when you pay more. You get a 100% uptime guarantee, world-class customer service, high-performance servers, and plenty of hardware resources.

While Liquid Web’s cost appears to be a problem at first glance, when viewed as an expenditure for performance, it appears to be a little less so.

Discounts / Coupon Codes

We have an excellent working connection with Liquid Web, therefore you’ll find any current discounts or Liquid Web promo codes here. In the meantime, click the link below to see if there are any current specials.

For the best prices in January 2022, click here.

Using LiquidWeb

So, you should have a decent understanding of Liquid Web’s features and benefits, but how are the plans to work and live with on a regular basis? For instance, how simple is it to install WordPress?

We decided that no Liquid Web review would be complete without a real-world test, so we did just that.

Signing up

It’s easy to sign up with Liquid Web. Select a plan and click the blue Get Started button after looking over the various hosting options. You are directed to a form where you may create an account. You can see what you’re signing up for by looking at the specifics of your plan on the right side of the screen.

It also features a progression bar at the top that shows you how far you’ve come.

Fill out the form, pay with a credit card or PayPal, and you’re done.

Our Spark managed hosting plan included the following features:

The following features were included in our Spark managed hosting plan:

  • 15 GB of storage capacity
  • Data transmission of 2 TB
  • Regular free backups.
  • WordPress has already been set up.WordPress updates are automatic
  • Free migration
  • Beaver Builder Lite,
  • iThemes Security Pro, and iThemes Sync.
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Access to Liquid Web support 24/7

You can log into your hosting account using the information contained in the confirmation emails once they come. Our emails were sent in less than 10 minutes, which isn’t bad.

Today, go to Liquid Web.

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