How To Manage Irregular Periods?

Menstruation is a compulsory stage that all women need to come to terms with in their reproductive years. So many women suffer from irregular periods at the beginning and, occasionally, throughout their reproductive years.

Irregular periods are depicted by unusual fluctuations in the interval of the monthly cycle. Reasons of irregular periods can be many, which vary from simple changes in lifestyle to major circumstances that may be life threatening.

All these abnormalities come under two segments namely oligomenorrhoea or a long menstrual gap of 35 days, and polymenorrhoea or having recurrent periods with shorter gaps, less than 21 days.

Due to oligomenorrhoea fewer monthly periods occur, which go from 4 to 9 cycles a year. Irregular periods can occur by hidden therapeutic conditions and imbalance in hormone.

Hormonal imbalance may bring irregular periods at the time of menarche and in menopause, as the body is endeavoring to get familiar with the sudden substantial hormonal changes that occur amid these stages. Here we will discuss some remedies by which you can manage your irregular periods.

Cumin Seeds:

If you take soaked cumin seeds during menstruation, it can decrease menstrual pain to a great extent. Cumin seeds are highly beneficial during periods as these supply iron when girls lose a lot of iron in this stage.

Take one teaspoon of powdered organic cumin seeds with honey regularly to make your periods regular. It not only prevents irregular menstruation, but also controls menstrual cramps.

Sesame Seeds:

Sesame seeds are rich in various nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These can regulate menstruation and also reduce menstrual pain.

Take some sesame seeds and soak in a cup of water over night. Next morning strain this water and consume it twice in a day for regulating the menstrual periods.

Holy Basil:

A medicinal herb, holy basil has various remedial benefits and also one of them is managing irregular periods of women.

Take a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of juice of basil leaves. It regulates periods, removes period cramps and irregularities of menstrual cycles.


A power-house of supplements, antioxidants and other healing compounds, papaya is known for its abortion-inducing qualities, and it is also favorable in controlling menstruation. You can take papaya every day to cure a wide range of menstrual irregularities. But unripe papaya is best for irregular periods linked to menopause.

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