How to earn money in Paytm app?

Today, many people want to earn from home online. Paytm is one of the easiest ways of earning money online.

Paytm is a very popular app and whenever we think of online payment, mostly Paytm comes in our mind first and most people use it for online money transfer in India.

In this post, I will tell you about how to earn money in Paytm. So, read this post till the end.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a popular application and it is mainly used for online money transfer. You can also use it for banking purposes.

How to earn money on Paytm?

If you want to earn through Paytm, there are so many ways available and you can easily earn money by sitting at home.

Paytm gives you options to earn by getting cashback, selling your own products, affiliate marketing, selling products of Paytm, and also using promo codes.

It is a trustworthy company and so you can work on it. Also, it gives the option of transfer of all your earnings to your bank account or can add to your Paytm wallet.

Features of Paytm

I have already that Paytm is a trustworthy company. So, you can rely on its features.

1.Paytm helps in easy online money transfer.

2. You can link your Paytm account to your bank account.

3. Paytm has launched a Paytm mall where the users can purchase their necessary things.

4. It gives cashback and you can also do affiliate marketing through it.

5. There is also the option of playing games by which you can earn.

How to earn money in Paytm in 2021?

Now we will discuss how How to earn money in Paytm.?

1.Through cashback

Mostly, cashback is the major money earning way from Paytm. Therefore, Paytm is quite popular.

If you transfer money or buy something through Paytm, you can get some cash back. Additionally, through payment transfer and mobile recharge, cashback can also be got.

So, when you are going to recharge or pay for something, first check whether it gives some cashback or not. In this way, you can earn some amount of money.

2. By selling own products

If you are a seller or have some products of any shop and you want to sell, then you can choose a Paytm to sell. Upload your products and sell online.

3. Selling products of Paytm

Nowadays, many people trying to earn by working as a reseller and Paytm is one of the best place for reselling. For this, choose any product of Paytm, increase some amount in its price, and sell through social media. And the reselling business is booming now. So, why are you doing late, let’s start and earn.

4. Do affiliate marketing

There are so many companies that pay you for selling online and it is called affiliate marketing.

To start affiliate marketing, get the affiliate links of the products and sell them by promoting on social media and at last, you will earn some commission.

5. By Promo Code

Paytm gives cashback and it is automatically generated according to your transactions. But, Paytm launches some promo code during any event or festival. When a user uses that promo code, he will get some benefits in mobile recharge, payment of a bill or in shopping.

Moreover, if you pay for something through these promo codes, you will get some cash back in your Paytm wallet.

6. Play Games

Besides money transactions, selling, and buying, you can earn in Paytm through playing games.

For playing games, Paytm has started a gaming platform, Paytm First Gamr which gives you chances to earn money. Here you have to play a game and if you win, you will earn some money.

The method of earning money in Paytm

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