Cloudways Hosting Review

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In this article, we will tell you about Cloudways Hosting Review. You will be clear why you should choose Cloudways Hosting as your cloud hosting platform and how can it make an actual impact on your business. Whenever people want to run a new business, they may get worried about the what, how and where to manage cloud hosting.

You can solve all your problems by taking Cloudways to grow your platform.

Let’s have a look at Cloudways Hosting to know why it is a good choice as a web hosting service.

How will you know which Cloud Hosting Is Best for you?

Web hosting platforms let individuals and organizations to start their websites online easily and quickly.

But individuals search reviews of different hosting when you have plenty of choices. Because, everyone searches balancing features and performance with less investment.

There are also dilemmas for individuals and organisations in choosing the best cloud hosting platform. If you are searching for different web hosting reviews, you should also check in the web hosting section where you can get all the features yourself. Then you should give it a trial to know whether the platform suits your requirements.

Cloud services promise 99% uptime, unlimited resources, and outstanding support.

The real challenge lies in choosing the best hosting to meet your needs, right?

So, let’s discuss how a cloud hosting platform is actually good?

Recognize your hosting needs

Before choosing the best hosting platform for your online presence, you should be clear about your hosting needs. You have to search a hosting provider which guarantees host reliability, upgrades, uptime, and hosting features including add-ons.

Pricing can differ as per the quality of service and stability of the product in the market. It is better to choose a hosting which is neither too expensive as it will be a monthly financial burden nor too cheap that your service will struggle to keep working correctly.

Here we will discuss a full Cloudways Hosting Review and whether it offers all that you need to set up an outstanding hosting environment?

The offers of Cloudways Hosting is different from other cloud hosting platforms because of its ultimate software stack named ThunderStack.

The Cloudways Hosting stack comprises of NginxVarnishApacheFPM (FastCGI Process Manager), MemcachedRedis, and MySQL. Here, we will discuss about Cloudways Hosting Review and how Cloudways has reduced the hosting problems of thousands of users over the internet.

Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways provides a managed cloud hosting platform. It delivers customers with a solution to present web applications on different cloud servers. Pricing depends on the service you pick with DigitalOcean starting at $10 per month. Cloudways’ servers are best for its performance and reliability and you’ll get support from experts.

Overall, here are our ratings:

Price – You can Sign-up free and get Your Hosting plans from $10/month with DigitalOcean

Free Trial – You will get three days and no necessity card required

Interface– Modified for performance

PROs – Large option of cloud providers, top features built-in, able to host any platform or application and also provide excellent support.

CONs – Though price is little expensive, performance is outstanding,

No CPanel and No Root access

Reliability- 5/5

Ease of use- 5/5

Value- 4.5/5

Overall- 4.9/5

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Types of Cloudways Service providers

Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways offers five cloud service providers right now:

  1. DigitalOcean (3-day free trial)
  2. Vultr (3-day free trial)
  3. Linode (3-day free trial)
  4. Amazon Web Service AWS (3-day free trial)
  5. Google Compute Engine GCE or Google Cloud (3-day free trial)

It is better you should check any of the above cloud web hosting and server reviews to see which one would be best for your specific needs. You also don’t need any credit card to perform a Cloudways trial.

But with managed hosting, you’ll get assistance with any kind platform you pick.

Try Cloudways hosting Now

In this Cloudways Hosting Review, you will get some details about the Cloudways platform. 

 If you are going to launch your own account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign-Up using your required credentials.
  2. After signing up, you will go through verification to become a part of Cloudways.
  3. Log in to the Cloudways Console and then you will get the Launch page. Click the Launch button to start a new server.
  4. Set-up the server and app details. WordPress Hosting through Cloudways is easy. Then, you will select WordPress. You will again have to provide a name for your application, server, and project.

You will be happy once again that if you are just running a trial and you don’t need to provide your credit card details. 

Step #1: Create Your Account on Cloudways

First, make your account on Cloudways. By entering your details on signing up page.

Cloudways Hosting Review

And then log in.

Now you’ll notice that there is no CPanel rather Cloudways have developed their own custom control panel. Thus, those who are familiar with Cpanel, must like using of a custom control panel and if experience any problem can contact customer support team of Cloudways.

Step #2: Launch Server

Now launch the server from the Control Panel. But you need to make a few choices.

Cloudways Hosting Review

Here are some,

  • WordPress 4.9.8 as application
  • Linode as the cloud platform provider
  • ‘Testing for CollectiveRay’ for the name of our application and server
  • 1 GB as server size
  • Fremont as location

Then click ‘Launch Now’ button.

After few minutes, your server will be provisioned and launched. Now check your server specifications and details by clicking on your server.

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