Yoga for Sports Performance

Yoga seems like a light muscle stretching activity with different delicate moves, but it is a creative way to get strength and resistance training by doing high range of motion and balance with more work outs. Yoga for Sports Performance can help athletes in improving their efficiency, breathing techniques, flexibility, core strength, balance and endurance. … Read more

How To Manage Irregular Periods?

Menstruation is a compulsory stage that all women need to come to terms with in their reproductive years. So many women suffer from irregular periods at the beginning and, occasionally, throughout their reproductive years. Irregular periods are depicted by unusual fluctuations in the interval of the monthly cycle. Reasons of irregular periods can be many, … Read more

7 Major Benefits of Drinking Enough Hot Water

7 Major Benefits of Drinking Enough Hot Water Water is the prime requirement of our body. 70% of human body consists of water and therefore we should take at least 2 liters of water a day. It is needed to carry on the work of different cells and organs of human body. Water is circulated … Read more

The Feelings Of A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a stupendous phase in a woman’s life, which will be cherished everlastingly by her and her near and dear ones. The truth is that there is another soul developing inside her tummy. It draws out a lot of considerable measure of changed feelings in her! A pregnant woman experiences certain things that are … Read more