Affiliate marketing strategies for beginners [#5 Tips]

Affiliate marketing strategies for beginners

Are you an affiliate marketer who hasn’t had much luck so far? Perhaps you’ve had some success, but you’d like to see your results improve?

This post will assist you in increasing your affiliate marketing abilities.

How? Because I’m going to reveal some tried and true affiliate marketing tactics for novices in this article, which will help you grow affiliate marketing sales.

If you implement these affiliate marketing techniques and strategies, your affiliate conversion rate will rise.

Simply put, with the same quantity of traffic, you can get more affiliate sales.

You might wonder, “What proof do you have that these Affiliate Marketing Strategies will work for you?”


Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I hope you can see how the affiliate marketing tips I’ll be sharing in this article can help you increase your affiliate sales.

You will never ask “how to increase affiliate sales?” again after reading this post.

This tutorial will teach you 15+ of the greatest affiliate marketing methods for both beginners and pros.

So, let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

One of the finest methods to generate money online is through affiliate marketing.

It’s a method of earning money by promoting the products and services of others.

To put it another way, you just advertise someone else’s goods using your unique affiliate link in this approach. When a customer buys something, the retailer pays you a commission.

An affiliate sale occurs when someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases anything.

Does it appear to be simple? Right?

However, affiliate sales are not easy to come by because Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick programme. Some findings take time to appear.

There are a few smart affiliate marketing tips and strategies that you should be aware of if you want to be successful in this industry.

In 2022, there are five common affiliate marketing blunders to avoid.

Before I get into the techniques for increasing affiliate sales, I’d like to go through some typical affiliate marketing blunders to avoid in 2022.

1.Endorsing products that aren’t appropriate for your target market

You’re wasting your time and efforts if you try to sell a product that doesn’t fit your target market.

Even if you love a product, it’s not a good idea to advertise it if your audience doesn’t.

Allow me to explain this topic in layman’s terms.

Let’s say you operate a fitness blog where you promote things linked to writing equipment.

So, what’s going to happen next?

You won’t make a single sale.

why? since your target market is looking for fitness advice not blogging tools.

So, first figure out who your target market is, and then find affiliate products that will be valuable to them.

2. Sharing the Wrong Product for the Purpose of Making Money

Affiliate marketing is a trust-based game. Your readers will buy the things you recommend if they trust you.

So, if you’re marketing the wrong things just for the sake of profit (because the product owner pays you a high commission), you’ll lose your readers’ trust.

Following that, there’s a good chance your subscribers will stop reading your affiliate emails and review articles.

So, before you decide to market a product, be sure it’s nice and useful to your readers.

It’s not good for your blog or business in the long run if you’re advertising a substandard product.

3. Failure to build an email list

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers, I’ve seen, make the error of not focusing on growing their email list.

Keep in mind that money is on your to-do list.

It can assist you in selling a large number of products and services in the future without having to spend money on advertising and marketing.

Your personal email list is similar to a bank account from which you can deposit and withdraw funds at any moment. So, think about it and begin creating your email list as soon as possible.

You can do email marketing with any email marketing provider, such as GetResponse or ActiveCampaign (Highly Recommended).

4. Avoiding the use of premium themes and plugins

Premium themes and plugins offer your blog a professional appearance.

If your blog is well-designed, you have a decent opportunity of making an impression on your viewers. You’ll have a better chance of capturing their attention and piqueing their curiosity.

Nobody wants to visit a blog that appears to be strange or cheap.

If you’re establishing a business blog or are a serious affiliate marketer, you’ll want to invest in premium themes and plugins to give your site a professional appearance.

Here’s what I think is the best theme for you:

GeneratePress (which I’m using on this blog) is a free WordPress theme.

5. Failure to Develop an Audience

The majority of affiliate marketers fail to make money online because they lack good audience.

First, let me explain what the distinction between traffic and audience is.

If 100+ fresh individuals read your blog on a daily basis, this is referred to as traffic. They are visiting your site, reading your material, and then departing.

If people are visiting your blog for the first time, there is a good probability that they will forget the name of your site and will never return.

That’s why I gave it the name TRAFFIC.

Our goal is to turn this traffic into an audience by enticing them to join our email list, Facebook group, or YouTube channel, among other things.

We have complete control over this traffic once they become our audience. We can take care of them and sell them affiliate stuff whenever we want.

This is the power of audience development.

15 affiliate marketing strategies for beginners to increase affiliate sales in 2022

Now, I’m going to reveal some tried-and-true affiliate marketing tactics for beginners in 2021 to help you increase your affiliate revenue.

1. Write a sales-generating review article

Writing review articles is without a doubt an excellent strategy to generate affiliate revenue.

However, many bloggers are unsure how to write a flawless review article that would persuade their readers to purchase the product.

To begin, you must understand how to write a review article that will persuade your readers to purchase the product.

Before you write a review post that will generate you affiliate revenue, there are a few things you should know:

Explain the benefits of the products using the AIDA copywriting methodology.

Try the product yourself before writing a review, or do some research on social media and question-and-answer sites so you can write an honest evaluation.

Instead of discussing features, you should concentrate on advantages. Describe how your readers will benefit from using the product.
Use a Call To Action to pique your audience’s interest and persuade them to purchase your product.

tmd hosting reviews, TMDHosting

You should not only focus on the product’s benefits; you should also discuss the product’s drawbacks. It will assist you in establishing trust.

In your article, include a video instructional of the product (or service) you’re reviewing (If possible)

As many screenshots as you can. It will make it easier for your readers to comprehend the goods.

Use eye-catching headlines and graphics to entice your audience to continue reading.
I hope you now have a better understanding of how to produce a review post that will help you increase affiliate sales while maintaining the same quantity of traffic.

NOTE: A new Product Review Algorithm Update has been announced by Google, which will have an impact on product review articles. Don’t worry, Google has also stated what they are looking for in a review piece.

2. Maximize the Impact of Your Most Popular Blog Posts

To make affiliate sales month after month, there is no doubt that you must publish high-quality blog entries.

However, there is one easy tip that can help you increase affiliate revenue without raising blog traffic.

Go to Google Search Console and look for your most popular article with the most visitors.

Now reread this content and consider which affiliate product you may promote organically in this article.

Find three to four similar affiliate products and naturally add connections to them. This is a short affiliate marketing trick that will help you increase affiliate sales without having to write fresh content or increase website traffic.

3. Establish Trust Many affiliate marketers fail to make sales because they fail to establish trust with their readers.

So, how can you gain your readers’ trust and enhance affiliate sales?

Here are some very crucial things you should do to earn your readers’ trust:

Capture your audience’s email address and provide useful advise on a regular basis to convert your traffic. It will assist you in gaining the trust of your readers.

Create a Facebook Group and participate in it on a daily basis.

People enjoy receiving advice, assistance, and support from fellow affiliates and bloggers.
Clear disclosure that you have added affiliate links in these articles and that you will receive a commission if they purchase through your affiliate link in your review article or other posts in which you are promoting any product article or other posts.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and don’t make up fake product reviews only to earn affiliate sales.

To promote affiliate products, never use phoney reviews or testimonials.

You’ll notice a significant change in your affiliate sales and reader trust once you start using these tactics.

I hope you now have a better understanding of how to improve affiliate sales by building trust with your audience.

4. Provide a Bonus

The “bonus approach” is a method in affiliate marketing that will help you increase your affiliate sales.

It implies you can provide your visitors free extras if they buy a product through your affiliate link.

Let me illustrate this principle with a real-life example.

If you are being sold WordPress Hosting by two different persons. Person ‘A’ will not give you a bonus, however Person ‘B’ will give you a bonus of “Blogging Course” if you purchase through his link.

Now, tell me which affiliate link you’ll use to buy the product.

You’ll undoubtedly choose “Person B” since by purchasing hosting through his affiliate link, you can get a premium blogging course for free.

I hope you now have a better understanding of this subject.

It’s one of the most effective affiliate marketing tactics for newbies who want to increase their affiliate sales. As a result, always provide your audience a bonus if they purchase a product through your affiliate link.

5. Blog Posts Comparing Products

Product comparison blog posts might also help you improve affiliate sales. You must compare two or more products and then indicate which one is better for your audience in this type of post.

Compare and contrast the features of these two products. If you want to learn how to write a great product comparison article, check out our SEMrush vs Ahrefs comparison.

6. Make a page for “Tools I Use.”

Allow me to share with you a basic but highly effective affiliate marketing plan.

Make a list of all the products you use with a pen and paper. It will just take about 15-20 minutes.

Now, sign up for the affiliate networks for all of these products and establish a “Tools I Use” page where you can list all of these products along with your affiliate link.

After viewing these screenshots, your readers will realise that a large number of people are already using this product and have had no problems with it. It will assist consumers in making a purchasing decision.

This straightforward method will undoubtedly aid you in improving your affiliate conversion rate.

7. Share real-life Twitter and Facebook user experiences.

Do some research on Twitter and Facebook before writing a review article, and grab screenshots of what people are saying about the product to include in your review piece.

After viewing these screenshots, your readers will realise that a large number of people are already using this product and have had no problems with it. It will assist consumers in making a purchasing decision.

This straightforward method will undoubtedly aid you in improving your affiliate conversion rate.

8. Sticky Widget

If your website has a sidebar, there is a simple affiliate marketing tip that can help you improve affiliate sales.

Make a sticky relevant product banner in the sidebar with your affiliate link.

Add a SiteGround hosting banner to your sidebar and make it sticky if you’re writing an article about SiteGround hosting.

If they see something relevant, there’s a better possibility.

If people see a relevant banner, they are more likely to click on it and purchase the product.

Don’t worry, adding the sticky relevant widget is simple.

Install the “Q2W3 Fixed Widget” free plugin. It will assist you in making your widget stickier.

You may also use the Thrive Clever Widget Plugin to show different banners in different articles.

So, to obtain more hits on your affiliate links, use these two plugins and add relevant sticky banners.

9. Include videos and screenshots in your post.

If at all possible, use videos and screenshots of the product while writing a review post.

It will assist your readers in better comprehending the product.

It will make their decision to purchase the goods much easier and simpler because they will know exactly what they will receive after purchasing it.

This straightforward method can significantly boost affiliate conversion rates.

I hope you now see how using videos and screenshots can help you enhance your affiliate sales.

10. The Influence of Your Email List

Almost every new blogger makes the mistake of forgetting to create an email list.

You must realise that your email list is the most crucial component of your affiliate marketing approach. By building an email list, you can significantly increase your future affiliate revenues.

According to some study, for every $1 invested in email marketing, you can expect to get back $39 in return.

Automation is the most powerful element of email marketing. It’s similar to the “set it and forget it” strategy.

You may write 30-40 emails and automate the process. It implies that once someone joins your email list, they will automatically receive one email every day, and you will not have to do anything.

To make money with automation, you simply need to work one time to produce these emails that can generate you sales and set up an automated.

I strongly advise you to use either ActiveCampaign or GetResponse email marketing services to build up automation. These two tools are well-known for their robust automation capabilities.

This is a unique affiliate marketing technique I developed for novices who are having trouble generating affiliate revenue.

11. Locate the Right Mentor

Learning from affiliate marketers who are generating thousands of dollars each month is one of the finest ways to learn affiliate marketing.

You can participate in their training to learn the tried-and-true tactics they use to make thousands of dollars every month.

Apart from that, you will receive assistance from them. It’s a gold mine because getting personal help from someone who makes thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing is invaluable.

Here are the top three affiliate marketing courses recommended by experts:

3-Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge (Only $7): It’s Jonathan Montoya’s most popular affiliate marketing course, and he’s a YouTuber and ClickFunnels super affiliate who makes $10k+ each month. It will only cost you $7 to complete this challenge. As a result, you must enrol in it.

Spencer’s Affiliate Secrets are a collection of tips on how to make money as an 3.0: It’s Spencer Mecham’s whole affiliate marketing course, as he is a ClickFunnels super affiliate. In his first year as a ClickFunnels affiliate, he earned over a million dollars. In addition, many of his pupils have received the ClickFunnels Dream Car Award through the ClickFunnels Affiliate programme. This is more than enough evidence that if you follow his training, you can significantly improve your affiliate marketing business.

OFA Affiliate Bootcamp: What if I told you that for just $100, you could gain access to the minds of 20+ ClickFunnels great affiliates? Isn’t it a no-brainer deal? If you sign up for the OFA challenge, you’ll gain free access to Affiliate Bootcamp, where 20+ ClickFunnels great affiliates will educate you how to market the product and become a super affiliate. You’ll also have access to behind-the-scenes films in which these top affiliates demonstrate the exact affiliate marketing funnels they utilised to generate affiliate revenue. That’s why I said it’s a foregone conclusion. Here’s where you can get OFA.

You can enrol in any of these courses and learn from professionals that make thousands of dollars every month.

12. Explain the benefits using the AIDA copywriting formula.

AIDA is a well-known framework for copywriting. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action are the four components of the acronym. Always utilise AIDA to describe the advantages of the product you’re selling.

It will almost certainly boost your affiliate conversion rate.

Allow me to describe AIDA in greater depth.

With the title, you must capture the attention of your readers. People will be drawn in by the headline since it piques their interest, and they will read on to learn more about the goods.

After capturing their attention, your main goal is to pique their interest in the goods. You can achieve this by describing the advantages they will receive if they purchase the product.

Convert their attention into a want for that specific goods now. Make them want to purchase the item.

Last but not least, you must inspire them to take action. With an appealing call-to-action button, tell customers to buy the product.

AIDA is a powerful copywriting framework that can simply help you boost affiliate conversion rates.

Jarvis comes highly recommended if you don’t know how to compose an AIDA copy. It’s an artificial intelligence technology that can create excellent AIDA copies in a matter of seconds.

13. Cloak Your Affiliate Link

Link cloaking is a technique for turning a long and unattractive affiliate URL link into a shorter and more attractive one. All you have to do is replace the original URL with the shortened version.

You may quickly conceal your affiliate links using a simple plugin called “thirsty affiliates.”
An example of a standard affiliate link is as follows: id=123&affiliate=123 (Cloaked Affiliate Link) Same affiliate link after cloaking it

Now tell me which link you’ll click when you see both links.

Second, without a doubt. Because the first link appears to be spam, but the second appears to be legitimate. In addition, the cloaked affiliate links are simple to recall.

I hope you now realise the significance of hiding your affiliate links.

14. Enhance the appearance of your blog

To achieve high conversion rates, you must have a nice and enticing blog design.

No one wants to visit a website with a blog design that is unattractive and of poor quality. Even if you write an excellent review post, if your blog design and UX are poor, your users will likely hit the return button before reading a single paragraph.

As a result, you should always choose a premium theme such as GeneratePress. On this blog, I’m also using the GeneratePress theme.

15. Use the “selling without selling” strategy.

The selling without selling technique is one of the most unusual and effective affiliate marketing strategies for beginners.

When you’re producing an instructive article, look for affiliate items that can help them address their problems and include them in your piece.

Mention these affiliate products in your article, together with your affiliate link, in a natural way. Don’t make your readers feel obligated to buy the product.

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